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Alice Babs & Duke Ellington CD

$ 31.98

Real Gone Music is proud to present what is probably the rarest album in the voluminous Duke Ellington discography, his 1963 date with Swedish singer Alice Babs, Serenade to Sweden. That year, Ellington was hired by the Reprise label as an A&R man, free to sign any artist he wanted and to record them. His first choice was Babs, who, in Ellington's words, was 'the most unique artist I know'She sings opera, she sings lieder, she sings what we call jazz and blues, she sings like an instrument, she even yodels, and she can read any and all of it!' For her part, Babs (born Hildur Alice Nilson) had a hit in Sweden when was only 15 ('Swing It Teacher'), and was an iconic figure in her homeland, appearing in 14 Swedish films from 1938 to 1959. The result of this meeting of legendary musical minds was a sublime cool jazz masterpiece that, sadly, never received a proper release in the U.S. and appears to be the last Ellington album to be reissued on CD. Needless to say, original copies go for big Swedish krona online, and not just because it's rare; Babs' wordless vocals and scat singing on 'The Boy in My Dreams,' 'Strange Visitor,' and 'Babsie' are positively Ella-worthy, and Ellington's masterful arrangements'at times filigreed with a French horn section'provide the perfect accompaniment. We've added liner notes by Scott Yanow, while the album boasts remastering by Aaron Kannowski. Fascinating for any jazz fan'essential for Ellington enthusiasts!

1. Serenade to Sweden
2. The Boy in My Dreams
3. Stoona
4. La De Doody Do
5. Strange Visitor
6. Azure
7. Come Sunday
8. “C” Jam Blues
9. I Didn’t Know About You
10. Satin Doll
11. Take Love Easy
12. Babsie
13. (I Want) Something to Live For
14. I’m Beginning to See the Light
15. Untitled Lullaby

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