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Bobby Lance CD

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BOBBY LANCE: First Peace/Rollin’ Man. CD

  • Bobby Lance Wrote “The House That Jack Built” for Aretha Franklin and Other Hits for Girl Group and Doo Wop Acts 

  • First Peace and Rollin’ Man Were His Only Two Solo Albums, Recorded for Cotillion in 1971 and Atlantic in 1972, Respectively 

  • Both Albums Make Their Worldwide CD Debut on This Real Gone Release 

  • First Peace Features Legendary Muscle Shoals Sidemen and an Uncredited Duane Allman on Guitar 

  • Rollin’ Man Is Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Haslam (Cactus, Velvet Underground, Bette Midler) and Features Kenny Mims on Guitar 

  • Liner Notes by Bill Kopp Include Quotes from Kenny Mims 

  • Two Southern Rock ’n’ Soul Cult Classics

  • Nowadays, Bobby Lance is best remembered for having penned (along with writing partner Fran Robins) Aretha Franklin’s “The House That Jack Built” among a number of hits for doo wop and girl group acts, but by the early ‘70s, when these two cult classic albums were recorded, he was another in the seemingly endless supply of excellent soul singers recording for the Atlantic family of labels. His first album, 1971’s First Peace on the Cotillion imprinthad just about all the legendary Muscle Shoals sessioneers (Roger Hawkins, Eddie Hinton, Barry Beckett, David Hood) on it, plus King Curtis on horns, the Sweet Inspirations on background vocals and—allegedly—Duane Allman on guitar. More importantly, Lance’s fine songwriting and impassioned vocals give his elite supporting cast plenty to work with. A real lost gem. 1972’s Rollin’ Man, meanwhile, came out on the Atlantic label and was recorded and mixed by Geoff Haslam (Cactus, Velvet Underground, Bette Midler); it features guitarist Kenny Mims (on his first professional gig) and is more of a rock ‘n’ roll record, somewhere in that early ‘70s Stones/Faces vein. Both albums appear here on CD for the first time, with liner notes by Bill Kopp that feature quotes from Kenny Mims. Another Real Gone resurrection from the vaults!

  • First Peace

    1. Somebody Tell Me

    2. Somewhere in Between

    3. One Turn You’re In One Turn You’re Out

    4. More Than Enough Rain

    5. I May Not Have Enough Time

    6. It Can’t Be Turned Around

    7. Brother’s Keeper

    8. Trouble Is a Sometimes Thing

    9. Cold Wind Howling in My Heart

    10. Shake Down Blues

    11. Walkin’ on a Highway

    Rollin’ Man

    12. Bar Room Sally

    13. Hot Wood and Coal

    14. Something Unfinished

    15. She Made Me a Man

    16. John the Rollin’ Man

    17. Last Stop Change Hands

    18. You Got to Rock Your Own

    19. He Played the Reals

    20. Tribute to a Woman

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