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Soul Asylum Let Your Dim Light Shine LP

$ 23.98

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The follow-up to Soul Asylum's 1992 breakthrough album Grave Dancers Union fell victim to heightened expectations, but, contrary to the majority of criticism in the alternative music press, this was no major label sell-out. While it was true that Let Your Dim Light Shine boasted such radio-friendly tunes as the single 'Misery' (you know you've made it when Weird Al Yankovic covers one of your songs!) and the electro-acoustic ballad 'Promises Broken,' the commercial success of Grave Dancers Union allowed songwriter Dave Pirner the freedom to expand the stylistic reach of the band and even sneak in some genuinely experimental tracks, like 'Caged Rat.' Being a mid-'90s release, this album was available on vinyl for only a heartbeat; our Real Gone reissue features the original jacket and inner sleeve art! Co-produced by Butch Vig of Nevermind fame'

Side One

1. Misery
2. Shut Down
3. To My Own Devices
4. Hopes Up
5. Promises Broken
6. Bittersweetheart
7. String of Pearls

Side Two

1. Crawl
2. Caged Rat
3. Eyes of a Child
4. Just Like Anyone
5. Tell Me When
6. Nothing to Write Home About
7. I Did My Best

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