Jaguar Power Games LP

$ 19.98

  • Jaguar Was the Hardest ’n’ Fastest Band in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement

  • Their Frenetic, Frenzied Sound Was a Harbinger of the Speed and Thrash Metal to Come

  • 1982’s Power Games, Theyr Debut Release, Is a Lost NWOBHM Classic

  • First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

  • Brown and Green “Camo” Vinyl


  • This lost 1982 NWOBHM classic foretold the emergence of speed and thrash metal with high RPM work-outs like “Coldheart,” “No Lies,” and “Dutch Connection.” Was it a coincidence that Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All came out the following year? Maybe, but one could easily suspect that Power Games was on the Metallica turntable. Jaguar along with Bronze label-mates Raven were definitely the most balls-out outfit in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene, and this record, aside from one mid-tempo track (“Rawdeal”) is pure pedal-to-the-metal metal. Our first-ever vinyl reissue comes in green and brown “camo” vinyl limited to 700 copies!

1. Dutch Connection
1. Prisoner
2. Ain't No Fantasy
2. Out of Luck
3. Rawdeal
3. The Fox
4. Coldheart
4. Master Game
5. No Lies
6. Run for Your Life

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