David Cassidy Gettin It CD

$ 10.98

DAVID CASSIDY: Gettin’ It in the Street. CD

  • David Cassidy's Solo Album Catalog Has Largely Been Unavailable for Decades 

  • Cassidy Live Has Never Been on CD, Gettin' It in the Street Only on CD in Japan 

  • Gettin' It in the Street Never Received a Proper U.S. Release on Vinyl, So Extra-Collectible 

  • New Remastering by Vic Anesini at Battery Studios in NYC 

This 1976 album never saw a proper release in the U.S., and has only been on CD in Japan, so it ranks as the rarest David Cassidy album in his catalog. Co-produced (with Cassidy) by America’s Gerry Beckley, with songwriting (on “Cruise to Harlem”) by Brian Wilson—and that’s Mick Ronson on guitar on the title track!


1.    Gettin’ It in the Street

2.    Cruise to Harlem

3.    I’ll Have to Go Away (Saying Goodbye)

4.    The Story of Rock and Roll

5.    I Never Saw You Coming

6.    Living a Lie

7.    Rosa’s Cantina

8.    Love, Love the Lady

9.    Junked Heart Blues

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