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Edgar Winter The Definitive Collection (2-CD Set)

$ 13.98


        Keyboardist/Saxophonist/Composer Edgar Winter First Gained Notice as a Sideman on Brother Johnny Winter’s Second Winter Album 

    • After Signing to Epic Records, He Became One of the Biggest Stars of the ‘70s, with Eight Charting Albums Including the #3 They Only Come Out at Night 

    • The Definitive Collection Is Edgar’s Largest Retrospective to Date 

    • 30 Tracks Reflecting His Unique Mixture of Blues, Jazz, Soul, Rock, and Funk

    • Includes Such Key Tracks as “Frankenstein,” “Give It Everything You Got,” “Free Ride,” “Keep Playin’ That Rock ’n’ Roll,” “Easy Street,” and More

    • Features Tracks from All 11 of His Epic/Blue Sky Albums Including Those Cut with Edgar Winter’s White Trash, The Edgar Winter Group and with Johnny Winter

    • Boasts Such Musicians as Rick Derringer, Ronnie Montrose, Dan Hartman, and Johnny Winter

    • Bill Kopp’s Liner Notes Feature Exclusive Quotes from an Extensive Interview with Edgar Winter

    • Remastered by Darren Salmieri at Battery Studios in New York 

    • Some of the Best Blues-Rock of the ‘70s 

    After gaining notice as a sideman on his brother Johnny’s Second Winter album, keyboardist/saxophonist/composer Edgar Winter signed to Epic Records and quickly became one of the biggest stars of the ‘70s, releasing eight charting albums during the decade including the #3 smash They Only Come Out at Night. But aside from his commercial success, what makes Edgar Winter such an intriguing artist—and worthy of a 2-CD, 30-track retrospective, his biggest ever—is that he never stayed in one stylistic rut. Elements of blues, jazz, soul, and funk swirl within his music, sometimes even in the same song (e.g. “Frankenstein”), and the level of musicianship—with such sidemen/band members as Rick Derringer, Ronnie Montrose, Dan Hartman, and, of course, brother Johnny Winter—is never less than top shelf. This 30-track collection hits all the high points in chronological order, offering such hits and album tracks as “Give It Everything You Got,” “Keep Playin’ That Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo.” “Free Ride,” “Frankenstein,” “River’s Risin’,” “Easy Steet,” and more, and pulls tracks from all 11 of the albums he recorded for Epic and Blue Sky featuring all of the various aggregations (Edgar Winter’s White Trash, The Edgar Winter Group, and his Together album with Johnny) that he led. Bill Kopp’s liner notes share the fruits of a 2 ½ hour-long interview, and we’ve included copious photos and album shots. Remastered by Darren Salmieri at Battery Studios in New York…some of the best blues-rock of the ‘70s!

    Disc: 1

    1. Tobacco Road
    2. Entrance
    3. Hung Up
    4. Where Have You Gone
    5. Give It Everything You Got
    6. Dying to Live
    7. Keep Playin' That Rock 'n' Roll
    8. Fly Away
    9. You Were My Light
    10. Save the Planet (Live)
    11. Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo
    12. Free Ride
    13. Round & Round
    14. Alta Mira
    15. We All Had a Real Good Time

    Disc: 2

    1. Frankenstein
    2. Some Kinda Animal
    3. Someone Take My Heart Away
    4. Easy Street
    5. Animal
    6. River's Risin'
    7. Chainsaw
    8. Good Shot
    9. Hello Mellow Feelin'
    10. Keep On Burnin'
    11. Solar Strut
    12. Rock & Roll Medley (Live)
    13. Stickin' It Out
    14. It's Your Life to Live
    15. Tomorrowland

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