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Fanny Charity Ball CD

$ 21.98

FANNY: Charity Ball (Expanded Edition). CD

  • Fanny Was the First All-Female Rock Band Signed to a Major Label 

  • Their Second Release, Charity Ball, Has Never Been Released on CD Outside of a Limited-Edition Box Set 

  • Includes the Original Album Version of “Place in the Country” for the First Time on CD 

  • Features Three Bonus Tracks Including Live and Single Versions of “Charity Ball” and a Live Version of “Place in the Country” 

  • Notes by Fanny Drummer Alice DeBuhr 

  • Original Album Art Features Cover Photo by Candice Bergen 

  • Additional Photos from the Band’s Archive 

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

With the release of their debut self-titled album (also available from Real Gone Music), Fanny made history as the first all-female rock band ever signed to a major label, but it was on their second album when the girls really settled into a groove; in the words of drummer Alice DeBuhr, who supplies the notes for our Expanded Edition release, “We’d found our feet and were settling into the sound that would be Fanny.” Indeed, buoyed by such tracks as “Cat Fever,” “Thinking of You” and “Place in the Country” (which appears here in its original album version for the first time on CD), Charity Ball was a quantum leap forward for the group, and displays a much more surehanded lyrical and musical approach than its predecessor. Still, this Real Gone reissue marks the first time Charity Ball has been available (outside of a limited edition box set release) since its original 1971 release, and we’ve gotten it all dressed up for the ball, with the original album art featuring the cover photo by Candice Bergen, extra photos supplied by the band and three bonus tracks including single and live versions of the title track and a smoking hot live version of “Place in the Country.” Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision—alternately tough and tender, and ALWAYS tuneful!


1. Charity Ball

2. What Kind of Love

3. Cat Fever

4. A Person Like You

5. Special Care

6. What’s Wrong with Me

7. Soul Child

8. You’re the One

9. Thinking of You

10. Place in the Country

11. A Little While Later

Bonus Tracks:

12. Charity Ball (Single Version)

13. Charity Ball (Live Version)

14. Place in the Country (Live Version)

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