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Faster Pussycat Whipped! LP

$ 24.99

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Any band that names itself after a Russ Meyer film has a reputation to uphold. And with tracks like "Big Dictionary" (get it?), the fourth track on their 1992 album Whipped!, Faster Pussycat did just that, along with other blasts of Sunset Strip braggadocio like "Out with a Bang" (not to mention the dominatrix on the front cover)! But a closer listen reveals a band hitting its hard rock stride right at the wrong time, when grunge flannel was supplanting eyeliner and big hair in the hearts of American youth. The minor hit "Nonstop to Nowhere" had a classic, country-ish Stones vibe, and "Mr. Lovedog" was a heartfelt tribute to deceased Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood; those were just two highlights on an album that was funny, surprisingly varied, and tuneful. In short, Whipped! got largely ignored in the wake of the early '90s Nirvana-inspired craze but it deserved a better fate. For its first-ever U.S. vinyl release (the European vinyl release is real rare and pricy), we’ve whipped up (sorry) a milky clear "whipped cream" vinyl pressing limited to 2000 copies, nestled inside a jacket with inner sleeve sporting lyrics. For those who like some raunch with their roll!

Side One

1. Nonstop to Nowhere
2. The Body Thief
3. Jack the Bastard
4. Big Dictionary
5. Madam Ruby's Love Boutique
6. Only Way Out

Side Two

1. Maid in Wonderland
2. Friends
3. Cat Bash
4. Loose Booty
5. Mr. Lovedog
6. Out with a Bang

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