Frankie Avalon CD

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Frankie Avalon: Muscle Beach Party—The United Artists Sessions. CD

• Frankie Avalon's Complete United Artists Sessions—a Hitherto-Neglected Period of the Teen Idol's Career

• Features Songs from the Smash Films Beach Party and Muscle Beach Party

• Includes Rare United Artists Single Sides

• Also Includes Frankie's Songs from the movie I'll Take Sweden Starring Bob Hope

• Notes by Tom Pickles and Added Photos

Frankie’s late-‘50s/early-‘60s recordings practically define an era in pop music.   But while there have been countless reissues of his much-loved Chancellor hits, his later recordings have had sand kicked in their face when it comes to the CD era...including many performances that offer solid evidence of Frankie's blossoming maturity as a vocalist.  That's why Real Gone Music is releasing Frankie Avalon: Muscle Beach Party—The United Artists Sessions—20 tracks recorded in 1964 and 1965.  The centerpiece of the set is Frankie's album, Muscle Beach Party and Other Movie Songs, which features fresh versions of songs from Beach Party and Muscle Beach Party films (notably, a dynamite version of "Runnin' Wild," his spotlight solo in the latter movie) and superb renditions of "Days of Wine and Roses," "Moon River" and other Hollywood standards, all in stereo.   In addition, we've included his rare UA singles—"New Fangled, Jingle Jangle Swimming Suit from Paris," "Here to Stay," "Don't Make Fun of Me" and "Every Girl Should Get Married"—plus his tracks from the soundtrack of I'll Take Sweden, a Bob Hope comedy in which Frankie co-starred.  The missing piece of Frankie’s recording legacy, with notes and photos!

Track Listing 

1. Muscle Beach Party                                                                                      

2. Surfer's Holiday                                                                                              

3. Boy Needs a Girl

4. Beach Party                                                               

5. Don't Stop Now                                                                   

6. Runnin' Wild                                                                                    

7. Nevertheless                                                                                                  

8. More                                                                  

9. Days of Wine and Roses                                                                            

10. Moon River                                                                                                      

11. Stolen Hours                                                                                                   

12. Again                                                                                                  

13. Don’t Make Fun of Me

14. Every Girl Should Get Married

15. New Fangled, Jingle-Jangle Swimming Suit from Paris

16. Here to Stay

17. I’ll Take Sweden

18. There’ll Be Rainbows Again

19. Would Ya Like My Last Name

20. The Bells Keep Ringin’

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