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Galaxy Quest Music from the Motion Picture LP

$ 21.98

David Newman: Galaxy Quest--Music from the Motion Picture (Limited Blue "Galaxy" Vinyl Edition) LP Limited to 1400 copies

With famous screen composers for a father (Alfred Newman) and a brother (Thomas Newman)— not to mention his cousin Randy Newman!—David Newman has had quite the family tradition to uphold. But uphold it he has... and in his own uproarious way. Name your favorite comedy of the last 2-3 decades and chances are David Newman’s name is unspooling in the credits. Throw Momma from the Train, The War of the Roses, Other People’s Money, The Mighty Ducks, The Nutty Professor, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Heathers, The Freshman, Honeymoon in Vegas, Ice Age, Girls Trip...all his. But perhaps his best-loved score of all is the one hecomposed for the 1999 sci-fi action/comedy Galaxy Quest starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and Sam Rockwell.While the film was definitely a comedy, it also moments of genuine drama and action-filled suspense (which in part explains why Galaxy Quest is such a cult classic), and Newman deftly balances both sides with a score full of big choral passages and stirring themes. For its maiden voyage on vinyl, we’ve taken the extended version of the Galaxy Quest score that first appeared on CD in 2012, housed it inside a gatefold jacket boasting copious production stills, and pressed it up in blue “galaxy” vinyl...limited to 1400 copies!

Side One

1. Galaxy Quest: The Classic TV Theme

2. TV Clip
3. Pathetic Nesmith
Galaxy Quest: TV Clip #3/ Introducing Sarris/Revealing the Universe
5. Transporting the Crew/Meet 
the Thermians
6. The N.S.E.A. Protector
7. Crew Quarters & The Bridge/
The Launch
8. Jason Takes Action/Sarris 
Tortures Captain
9. Red Thingie, Green Thingie... 
10. Shuttle to Planet/Trek Across 
11. Rolling the Sphere/Pig Lizard/ 
Rock Monster

Side Two

1. “Digitize Me Fred”
2. “I’m So Sorry”
3. Fight, Episode 17
4. The Hallway Sneak/Alex Finds 
5. Angry Sarris/Into the Ducts/ 
Omega 13/Heroic Guy/Reveal Chompers/Opening the Airlock
6. Big Kiss/Happy Rock Monster/ Dying Thermians/Quellek’s Death/Into Reactor Room/Push the Button/A Hug Before Dying
7. Sarris Orders Attack/The Battle
8. Mathesar Takes Command/ Sarris Kills Everybody
9. Mathesar, Hero/Goodbye My 
Friends/Crash Landing
10. Goodbye Sarris/Happy Ending

11. The New Galaxy Quest


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