Grateful Dead Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 1

$ 39.98


  • Having Reissued All of the Dicks Picks Series, Real Gone Music Continues Its Long Strange Trip with the Grateful Dead by Releasing the Road Trips Series of Live Recordings

  • Unlike Dick’s Picks, None of the Volumes in the Road Trips Series Ever Went to Retail

  • Road Trips Vol. 4 No. 1—Big Rock Pow-Wow ’69 Features Two Complete Shows from the Seminole Indian Reservation in Florida Held on May 23 and 24, 1969

  • Three Months After Live Dead and a Month After the Midwest Shows Immortalized on Dick’s Picks Vol. 26

  • With Owsley (Bear) Stanley and Timothy Leary in Attendance, Spirits Were High

  • Pristinely Recorded by Bear Himself

  • The Band Is on Fire, Particularly Jerry Garcia and Pigpen (on Two Half-Hour Renditions of “Turn On Your Lovelight”)

  • Features the Classic Period “Dark Star”/“St. Stephen”/“The Eleven”/“Turn on Your Lovelight” Sequence

  • A Rare Rendition of “He Was a Friend of Mine”

  • Also Includes “St. Stephen” Coming Out of “Drums” for the Only Time During Its 1968-1971 Incarnation

  • 16-Page 4-Color Booklet Includes Notes by Blair Jackson

  • Also a Reminiscence from Tom Constanten


As Live Dead so eloquently attests, the Grateful Dead just might have been the best live band in the world during the year of 1969, so any release of material from that period is a (Dead) head turner. This release captures two complete
concerts held at the Seminole Indian reservation in Florida on May 23 and
24, 1969, three months after
Live Dead and a month after the Midwest shows immortalized on Dick’s Picks Vol. 26. With both Bear (who recorded this show in his usual meticulous fashion) and Timothy Leary in attendance, it’s safe to say that there was something in the air at both shows; Jerry Garcia’s riffage is about as raw as it ever got, and the trademark period sequence of “Dark Star”/”St. Stephen”/”The Eleven”/”Turn on Your Lovelight” is particularly charged, with a nearly half-hour “Lovelight” shining very brightly indeed. Show two starts with another half-hour but very different “Lovelight,” as Pigpen slowly turns up the heat, followed by the rare “He Was a Friend of Mine,” “Alligator,” and another “St. Stephen” (flying out of “Drums” for the only time during its 1968-1971 incarnation) among other treats. Great graphics, too, with notes by Blair Jackson and a reminiscence by Tom Constanten. Never before available at retail!

CD 1

MAY 23, 1969

1. Hard to Handle
2. Dark Star
3. St.Stephen
4. The Eleven

5. Turn on Your Lovelight

CD 2

MAY 24, 1969

1. Introduction
2. Turn on Your Lovelight
3. Doin’ That Rag
4. He Was a Friend of Mine
5. China Cat Sunflower
6. The Eleven
7. Death Don’t Have No Mercy

CD 3

1. Morning Dew
2. Me and My Uncle
3. Yellow Dog Story
4. Alligator
5. Drums
6. St.Stephen
7. Feedback
8. We Bid You Goodnight

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