Hank Thompson LP

$ 24.98

Hank Thompson: Songs For Rounders. LP
• A Landmark Country Album Released in Its Original Format
• One of the Most Notorious Album Covers in All of Popular Music
• Includes 11" x 11" Full-Color Insert with Original Front Cover Album Art
• Liner Notes by Grammy®-Winning Writer Colin Escott
• Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in NYC
• Lacquer Cutting by Peter Black at FM Mastering
• Pressed on 160-Gram Vinyl at Bill Smith Custom Records
• Top-Quality Jacket Printing

The late ‘50s. A time of crushing conformity. Of well-manicured lawns, white picket fences, and men in grey flannel suits.

Not in Hank Thompson’s world.

With its tales of drunkenness, prostitution , drug abuse, gambling and vagrancy—not to mention one of the most notorious album covers in the history not just of country music, but of all popular music—Thompson’s 1959 LP Songs for Rounders remains one of country’s most essential albums. It all started when Thompson brought Ken Nelson, Capitol’s head of country A&R at the time, a song he often featured in his live performances called “Cocaine Blues.” Nelson told him there was no way the song would ever get any air-play as a single, but suggested it might work as part of an album concept. Thompson then proceeded to round up a collection of tunes taken from every walk of American popular song and every walk of American life—like the walk taken in Dallas’ red light district in “Deep Elm.”

The spirit of the album even extended to the photo shoot. After the cover shots were taken in the morning, Thompson spent the rest of the day in the studio recording. He then went down the street to a bar and found one of the women who had posed with him. She had been drinking since the shoot had ended. She didn’t even remember him.

This Real Gone vinyl reissue offers the optimum way to experience this landmark album. Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York, cut by Peter Black at FM Mastering, and and manufactured on 160- gram vinyl at Bill Smith Custom Records, this release features the stereo mix of Songs for Rounders, as this record was not only Hank’s first stereo recording but also one of the earliest country albums to be released in stereo (just wait ‘til you hear some of those sparkling Merle Travis leads)! And, we have included an album-size insert with a full-color reproduction of the album cover suitable for framing on one side and notes from Grammy®-winning liner note writer Colin Escott on the other. Essential American music released in its original format, with improved packaging to boot.


Three Times Seven; I’ll Be a Bachelor Till I Die; Drunkard’s Blues; Teach ‘Em How to Swim; Dry Bread; Cocaine Blues; Deep Elm; Bummin’ Around; Little Blossom; Roving Gambler; Left My Gal in the Mountains; May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight Mister

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