Iron Butterfly: Ball (Expanded Edition) CD

$ 10.98

Iron Butterfly: Ball (Expanded Edition) CD
  • On the Heels of Their Smash Hit Album In-A- Gadda-Da-Vida, Iron Butterfly Released Ball to Even Greater Commercial Success, Reaching #3 on the Charts 
  • Includes the Hit Singles “In the Time of Our Lives” and “Soul Experience"
  • A Great Blend of Advanced Melodicism and the Band’s Trademark Heavy Rock Sound
  • Expanded Edition Features Two Non-LP Single Sides
  • New Liner Notes by Bill Kopp
  • Improved Sound over Previous CD Reissue 
Everybody remembers In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, but guess what? The next album, Ball, actually went higher in the charts for Iron Butterfly, going all the way to #3! Ball had a couple of hit singles in “In the Time of Our Lives” and “Soul Experience,” but what really made the album tick was how the band (the classic line-up of Doug Ingle, Erik Brann, Lee Dorman and Ron Bushy) was able to move to a more melodic style while still retaining their righteous heavy-osity. Our Expanded Edition features two bonus single sides and much improved sound compared to its previous CD reissue, plus new liner notes by Bill Kopp.

1. In the Time of Our Lives 

2. Soul Experience

3. Lonely Boy

4. Real Fright 

5. In the Crowds

6. It Must Be Love

7. Her Favorite Style 

8. Filled with Fear 

9. Belda-Beast 

Bonus Tracks 

10. I Can’t Help But Deceive You, Little Girl 

11. To Be Alone 

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