Joanie Sommers CD (2CD Set)

$ 19.98

JOANIE SOMMERS: The Complete Warner Bros. Singles (2CD Set)

Joanie Sommers: The Complete Warner Bros. Singles. 2CD Set. Her original mono single sides, most never before on CD, with comprehensive notes and photos from Joanie's private collection. First American collection-36 tracks!

Joanie was the other big female crossover (records and TV) star on the Warner Bros. roster besides Connie Stevens, and just like was the case with Connie, very few of her single sides have come out on CD and the only previous compilation of her work came out only in Japan! Includes Kookie’s Love Song with Edd Byrnes and the Mary Kaye Trio; One Boy; I’ll Never Be Free; Be My Love; Why Don’t You Do Right; Ruby Duby Do; Bob White; I Don’t Want to Walk Without You; Seems Like Long, Long Ago; Piano Boy; Serenade of the Bells; Makin’ Whoopee; What’s Wrong with Me; Johnny Get Angry; Theme from “A Summer Place;” When the Boys Get Together; Passing Strangers; Goodbye Joey; Bobby’s Hobbies; Memories, Memories; Since Randy Moved Away; Little Bit of Everything; Henny Penny; June Is Busting Out All Over; Little Girl Bad; Wishing Well; Goodbye Summer; Big Man; I’d Be Soo Good for You; I’m Gonna Know He’s Mine; If You Love Him; I Think I’m Gonna Cry Now; Don’t Pity Me; My Block; The Great Divide, and Talk until Midnight.

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