Mel McDaniel CD

$ 16.98

Mel McDaniel: Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On—His Original Capitol Hits. CD

• First-Ever Full-Length CD Compilation for This '70s & '80s Country Star

• 21 Original Capitol Hits

• Includes Such Chart-Toppers as "Louisiana Saturday Night," "Big Ole Brew" and "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On"

• Liner Notes and Photos

This late country legend scored a string of 41 chartmakers during the ‘70s and ‘80s, but there’s never been a hits collection issued that’s worthy of the name…’til now! Here are 21 original Capitol sides from Mel McDaniel, including such good-time anthems as Louisiana Saturday Night; Big Ole Brew (Mel would rather drink his beer than cry in it); Let It Roll (Let It Rock); Stand Up, and, of course, one of the great girl watching songs of all time, Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On. All accompanied by liner notes and photos, of course…this guy was one of the real bright lights of ‘80s country—note the covers of the Amazing Rhythm Aces (Big Ole Brew) and Bruce Springsteen (Stand on It)—and Real Gone is proud to give him his due.


1. Gentle To Your Senses

2. Soul Of A Honky Tonk Woman

3. God Made Love

4. Bordertown Woman

5. Play Her Back To Yesterday

6. Lovin' Starts Where Friendship Ends

7. Countryfied

8. Louisiana Saturday Night

9. Right In The Palm Of Your Hand

10.  Preaching Up A Storm

11.  Take Me To The Country

12.  Big Ole Brew

13.  I Wish I Was In Nashville

14.  Old Man River (I've Come To Talk Again)

15.  I Call It Love

16.  Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On

17.  Let It Roll (Let It Rock)

18.  Stand Up

19.  Shoe String

20.  Stand On It

21.  Real Good Feel Good Song 

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