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MMcCoo & BDavis Two CD

$ 17.98

When Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. left the Fifth Dimension in 1975 to pursue their own recording careers, success was not long in coming; in fact, each of the succeeding years saw a charting album released from the duo – plus a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal (Duo) and their own CBS-TV series. However, while their first album, 1976’s I Hope We Get to Love in Time, has been reissued two different times on compact disc, their 1977 albumThe Two of Us on the ABC label has never been reissued anywhere in the world. Now, Real Gone Music is releasing this pop-soul classic in an expanded edition featuring the non-LP bonus track “I’m So Glad I Found You” and the Billy Davis, Jr. solo single sides “Light a Candle” and “Three Steps from True Love,” with liner notes by Mike Ragogna featuring quotes from the duo plus photos and remastering at Battery Studios in NYC. Long, long overdue and eagerly awaited by Marilyn and Billy’s fans!


1. Look What You've Done to My Heart

2. Wonderful

3. My Reason to Be Is You

4. My Very Special Darling

5. Nightsong

6. The Times

7. The Two of Us

8. In My Lifetime

9. Hard Road Down

Bonus Tracks (single tracks)

10. I'm So Glad I Found You              

11. Light a Candle - Billy Davis Jr.             

12. Three Steps from True Love - Billy Davis Jr.

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