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Rita Pavone CD

$ 23.98

Record labels have never been accused of going easy on the hype, but with the title of this 1964 album, RCA was simply stating a fact: Rita Pavone was an international teen-age sensation! After winning a talent contest in 1962 at the age of 16, her first singles shot to the top of the charts in Germany, Argentina, Spain and in her native Italy, where her recording of “Cuore (Heart)” was #1 for nine full weeks. She then was brought to the biggest market of all, the United States, to record this album with producer Joe Rene in 1964, an album which, while it didn’t duplicate her success abroad, did go to #60 on the charts and spawn a #26 hit, the bitter break-up song “Remember Me.” But that hit—which is, we kid you not, almost punk-rock as Pavone spits out the lyrics in her accented English over a spare electric guitar figure—is not the only reason why early rock ‘n’ roll aficionados have been craving the reissue of this album for decades. Rita’s version of Chip Taylor’s “Don’t Tell Me Not to Love You” is definitive, and “Too Many” and “I Can’t Hold Back the Tears” are just plain classic girl-group anthems. We’ve added a bonus track, her 1964 English-language version of “Heart,” along with liner notes by Bill Dahl and period photos, to complete the first Stateside reissue of Rita Pavone (who, by the way, is still a big star on the Continent). Another Real Gone rediscovery, remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios!


1. Remember Me

2. Wait and See

3. Big Deal

4. Don’t Tell Me Not to Love You

5. I Can’t Hold Back the Tears

6. Kissin’ Time

7. Just Once More

8. Like I Did 

9. The Boy Most Likely to Succeed

10. Little by Little

11. Too Many

12. Say Goodbye to Bobby

Bonus Track:

13. Heart (I Hear You Beat)

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