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Robert Bearns & Ron Dexter CD

$ 13.98

ROBERT BEARNS & RON DEXTER: The Best of the Golden Voyage. CD

  • Robert Bearns and Ron Dexter Were the Fathers of the ‘70s New Age Movement 

  • Released Between1977 and 1987,Their Six-Volume Series of Golden Voyage Albums Were Pioneering New Age Recordings Designed to Foster Meditation, Relaxation and Mental Well-Being 

  • A Trance-Inducing Blend of Space Music, Environmental Sounds, Primitive Synthesizers, Wind Chimes and Traditional Instruments 

  • Out of Print for Over 25 Years 

  • The Best of the Golden Voyage Is the First-Ever Compilation of These Groundbreaking Recordings 

  • 79 Minutes of Music Featuring Work from Five Different Albums 

  • Liner Notes by Greg Adams Feature an Interview with Bearns and Dexter’s Bass Player Ron Sukenick

Before New Age existed as a genre, Robert Bearns and Ron Dexter began creating their Golden Voyage series of albums in the 1970s to help listeners cross over “the rainbow bridge” and awaken “an all new fourth dimensional horizon.”

 The fathers of the New Age, Bearns and Dexter blended New Age spirituality, space music themes, primitive synthesizers, “beautiful music” melodies, environmental sounds, wind chimes, and traditional instruments into what they called a “galactic exploration through celestial harmonics.” Books and magazines on energy medicine, guided imagery, stress reduction, and music therapy promoted the therapeutic and meditative value of the Golden Voyage albums. The combination of Bearns’ otherworldly poetry, cosmic philosophies, and psychedelic album art and Dexter’s floating, trance-inducing melodies was said to stimulate the listener to “a higher creative potential” and induce a state of total awareness—or total relaxation.

 The six volumes in the Golden Voyage series, originally released between 1977 and 1987, have been out of print for over 25 years. Equally prized among meditators and collectors of private-label New Age recordings, the Golden Voyage albums are among the most sought-after of all the pioneering New Age releases.

 Now, Real Gone Music is pleased to present the first-ever anthology of The Golden Voyage, offering a full-length, 79-minute collection of the best instrumental recordings from Bearns and Dexter’s pioneering series. The liner notes by Greg Adams contain an exclusive interview with Bearns and Dexter’s bass player, Ron Sukenick, who tells the untold story of this eccentric and visionary duo who helped shape California’s New Age subculture in the 1970s and helped set the course of New Age music.

 Whether you enjoy these recordings for meditation or for their earnest attempts to induce total awareness and embody “love in cosmic action,” they are certain to transport you to an “isotonic, altered state of ecstasy!”


1. Golden Voyage

2. Heart Light

3. Quasars

4. Timeless Love

5. Flowers of Our Childhood

6. Cathedral Sunrise

7. Celestial Harmonics

8. Genesis

9. Garden of Levitation (Part 2)

10. Sanctuary of Timeless Dreams

11. Thimble Full of Light

12. I’ll Stay

13. Come Away with Me

14. The Starlight Raptures of Shangri La (Part 2)

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