Spanky and Our Gang CD

$ 12.98

Spanky and our Gang: The Complete Mercury Singles. CD

  • Led by Ellen “Spanky” McFarlane, Spanky & Our Gang Was One of the Quintessential Singles Bands of the ‘ 60s
  • The Complete Mercury Singles Is the First-Ever Collection of Their Classic Single Sides, All in Their Original Mono Mixes as Heard on the Radio
  • Features Such Timeless Hits as “Sunday Will Never Be the Same,” “Lazy Day” and “Like to Get to Know You”
  • Liner Notes by Ed Osborne
  • Added Photos
  • The Essential Single-CD Spanky & Our Gang Retrospective

Having compiled the singles of such hit-happy artists as Gary Lewis & the Playboys and the Grass Roots, Real Gone Music now turns its attention to another quintessential ‘60s singles band, Spanky and Our Gang, with a 21-track collection that includes every unique A and B-side the band released on Mercury during their spectacular 1966-69 stint with the label! Led by Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane, Spanky and Our Gang had a folk-pop sound oft-compared to the Mamas and the Papas, but their harmonies and arrangements were, if anything, a little more sophisticated and varied, incorporating pop and jazz influences (while admittedly lacking a songwriter of the stature of John Phillips). As a result, the music of Spanky & Our Gang has aged better than many of their more self-consciously psychedelic contemporaries; there is a timeless quantity to their sound that explains why songs like “Sunday Will Never Be the Same,” “Lazy Day,” and “Like to Get to Know You” have remained fixtures on oldies radio over the years. You’ll hear all those songs and every other unique single side (include two differently-titled and mixed versions of Fred Neil’s “Everybody’s Talkin’”) in their original mono single mixes on this collection, which includes liner notes by co-producer Ed Osborne that feature fresh interviews with Spanky McFarlane, producers Jerry Ross and Bob Dorough and arranger Jimmy Wisner along with some great photos. The definitive Spanky and Our Gang  single-CD retrospective!


1. And Your Bird Can Sing

2. Sealed with a Kiss

3. Sunday Will Never Be the Same

4. Distance

5. Making Every Minute Count

6. If You Could Only Be Me

7. Lazy Day

8. (It Ain t Necessarily) Byrd Avenue

9. Sunday Morning

10. Echoes

11. Like to Get to Know You

12. Three Ways from Tomorrow

13. Give a Damn

14. The Swingin Gate

15. Yesterday's Rain

16. Without Rhyme or Reason

17. Anything You Choose

18. Mecca Flat Blues

19. And She s Mine

20. Leopard Skin Phones

21. Everybody s Talkin

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