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Spineshank The Height of Callousness LP

$ 21.99

With producer GGGarth (Melvins, L7, The Jesus Lizard) behind the board, L.A.-based Spineshank took a more industrial tack on their 2000 sophomore album, and it paid off, as The Height of Callousness (its title taken from a line in the film A Clockwork Orange) charted and sold over 150,000 copies. But it's never been out on vinyl'our reissue includes an inner sleeve with lyrics and comes in 'red cloud' vinyl limited to 1500 copies! These are gonna go fast'just like the music they (barely) contain.

Side One
1. Asthmatic
2. The Height of Callousness
3. Synthetic
4. New Disease
5. (Can’t Be) Fixed
6. Cyanide 2600

Side Two
1. Play God
2. Malnutrition
3. Seamless
4. Negative Space
5. Transparent

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