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The 5th Dimension The Complete Soul City/Bell Singles 3CD Set

$ 79.98


  • Back in 1966, Billy Davis, Jr., Florence LaRue, Marilyn McCoo, Lamonte McLemore, and Ron Townson Began Making Beautiful Music Together, and Pop Music Has Never Been the Same 
  • Now, 50 Years Later, Real Gone Music Is Proud to Present the Most Comprehensive 5th Dimension Collection Ever Assembled 

  • The Complete Soul City/Bell Singles 1966-1975 Presents All the Singles the Group Recorded for the Soul City and Bell Labels, Plus Their First Single (as The Versatiles) for the Bronco Label and Their Lone Single Release for Arista 

  • Three Compact Discs and 61 Tracks of Swinging, Soulful Harmonies, Brilliant Arrangements, Groundbreaking Production, and Some of the Best Songwriting to Come Out of the ‘60s and ‘70s 

  • Includes 30 Pop and 15 R&B Hits, All in Their Hard-to-Find Mono Single Mixes Including Some Rare Non-LP Sides and Single Edits 

  • Features Such Legendary Recordings as “Up—Up and Away,” “Stoned Soul Picnic,” “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” “One Less Bell to Answer,” “(Last Night) I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All,” and “If I Could Reach You” 

  • Features Production by the Great Bones Howe, Vocal Arrangements by Industry Legend Bob Alcivar, and Instrumental Accompaniment by the Famed Wrecking Crew 

  • Includes the Songs (e.g. “Up—Up and Away,” “Stoned Soul Picnic”) That Brought the Songwriting Brilliance of Jimmy Webb and Laura Nyro to the Masses 

  • Exquisitely Remastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios 

  • Liner Notes by Paul Grein Feature Exclusive Quotes from Billy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn McCoo 

  • Housed Inside a Beautiful 8-Panel Digipak Festooned with Rare Photos 

  • The Summit of Sunshine Pop, and the Definitive 5th Dimension Collection 

  •  A 50th anniversary celebration calls for some champagne…champagne soul, that is! Back in 1966, Billy Davis, Jr., Florence LaRue, Marilyn McCoo, Lamonte McLemore, and Ron Townson first started making beautiful music together, and the world of pop music has never been the same. Now, in 2016, 50 years later, Real Gone Music is proud to present the most comprehensive 5th Dimension collection ever compiled, a 3-CD set containing their complete singles for the Soul City and Bell labels (plus their first single on the Bronco label as The Versatiles and their lone single release for Arista), 61 tracks of swinging, soulful harmonies, brilliant arrangements, groundbreaking production, and some of the best songwriting to come out of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This 3-CD set—which is housed inside a sumptuous, 8-panel digipak mini-album featuring rare photos—not only includes 30 Pop and 15 R&B hits, all in their hard-to-find, mono mixes (only the last four tracks on the set are in stereo), featuring such legendary recordings as “Up—Up and Away,” “Stoned Soul Picnic,” “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” “One Less Bell to Answer,” “(Last Night) I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All,” and “If I Could Reach You,” but also some rare, non-LP single sides and single edits, nearly all making their CD debuts here! With production by the great Bones Howe, vocal arrangements by Bob Alcivar, and the instrumental accompaniment of the famed Wrecking Crew, the confluence of talent on these sides is simply staggering. And, of course, The 5th Dimension brought the songwriting genius of Laura Nyro and Jimmy Webb to the masses; their collaborations with Webb in particular remain among the pinnacles of ‘60s pop. Remastered by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios, and with notes by Paul Grein featuring quotes from all four living members (Billy Davis, Jr., Marilyn McCoo, Florence LaRue and Lamonte McLemore) that trace the historic arc of the group, The Complete Soul City/Bell Singles 1966-1975 isn’t just the definitive look at The 5th Dimension; it’s a collection that defines the whole sunshine pop genre.

    Disc : 1
    1. You're Good Enough for Me
    2. Bye Bye Baby
    3. I'll Be Lovin' You Forever
    4. Train Keep On Movin'
    5. Go Where You Wanna Go
    6. Too Poor to Die
    7. Another Day, Another Heartache
    8. Rosecrans Blvd.
    9. Up Up & Away
    10. Which Way to Nowhere
    11. Paper Cup
    12. Poor Side of Town
    13. Carpet Man
    14. The Magic Garden
    15. Stoned Soul Picnic
    16. The Sailboat Song
    17. Sweet Blindness
    18. Bobbie's Blues (Who Do You Think Of?)
    19. California Soul
    20. It'll Never Be the Same Again

    Disc : 2
    1. Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In (The Flesh Failures)
    2. Don't Cha Hear Me Callin' to Ya
    3. Workin' on a Groovy Thing
    4. Broken Wing Bird
    5. Wedding Bell Blues
    6. Lovin' Stew
    7. Blowing Away
    8. Skinny Man
    9. The Declaration
    10. A Change Is Gonna Come/People Gotta Be Free
    11. The Girls' Song
    12. Puppet Man
    13. A Love Like Ours
    14. Save the Country
    15. Dimension 5ive
    16. On the Beach (In the Summertime)
    17. This Is Your Life
    18. One Less Bell to Answer
    19. Feelin' Alright?
    20. Love's Lines Angles & Rhymes
    21. The Singer

    Disc : 3
    1. Light Sings
    2. Viva Tirado
    3. Never My Love
    4. Together Let's Find Love
    5. I Just Wanta Be Your Friend
    6. (Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All
    7. The River Witch
    8. If I Could Reach You
    9. Tomorrow Belongs to the Children
    10. Living Together Growing Together
    11. What Do I Need to Be Me
    12. Everything's Been Changed
    13. There Never Was a Day
    14. Ashes to Ashes
    15. Flashback
    16. Diggin' for a Livin'
    17. Harlem
    18. My Song
    19. No Love in the Room
    20. I Don't Know How to Look for Love

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