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The Vulcans Star Trek LP

$ 19.98

Now for one of the oddest'and most sought-after'albums in the voluminous Trojan label catalog! In 1972, the production team of Joe Sinclair, Webster Shrowder and Des Bryan placed classic Trojan instrumental riddims in the hands of prog-rocker Ken Elliot (formerly of the group Second Hand), who proceeded to lay down utterly twisted ARP-2600 synthesizer lines over them. The intent (we think) was to cash in on the strong, early '70s easy listening market a la Switched On Bach, but the result, like so many like-minded commercial concept albums, turned out to be several parsecs weirder than the original intent. The combination of electronic music and reggae walks the tightrope between cheesy and cosmic, like a B-movie soundtrack listened to on laughing gas, and if a few tracks fall into the merely comical, don't worry, cuz the next track is gonna boldly dub where no track has dubbed before. In short, a one-off, stone cold classic, here reissued on LP for the first time ever in 'Deep Space Maroon' vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

Side One

1. Star Trek
2. Dr. Spock
3. Red Herring

4. Joe Kidd
5. Vulcan-Ised

Side Two

1. Journey into Space
2. Dark Shadows
3. Dracula
4. Shang Haied

5. Asibiso Jungle 6. In the Moog

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