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Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman: Last of the Mohicans

$ 39.98

Boasting a Bravura Performance by Daniel Day-Lewis, Michael Mann’s 1992 Epic Retelling of James Fenimore Cooper’s frontier classic The Last of the Mohicans Has Passed into the Classic Movie Pantheon, with Repeated Cable TV Showings

But the Movie’s Success Has Been Somewhat Overshadowed by Its Wildly Popular Soundtrack

Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman’s Score Is Easily One of the Most Popular Pieces of Film Music from the ‘90s Despite Having Been the Work of Two Different Composers

The “Main Title” Has Become as Much a Part of Pop Culture as the Themes to Titanic, Star Wars, and Other Blockbusters

Also Includes “I Will Find You” by Clannad

Real Gone Music’s First-Ever North American Release of the Soundtrack Comes in Sepia-Toned Vinyl

Gatefold Packaging Features Production Stills Limited Edition of 1000

Rare is the soundtrack that as time passes overshadows the film of which it was a part, but that’s what has happened in the years since the 1992 release of The Last of the Mohicans. Not that the film is any slouch; Michael Mann’s epic retelling of James Fenimore Cooper’s frontier tale is a cable TV fixture and more evidence that Daniel Day-Lewis is one of the great actors of our time. But the film’s music has emerged as easily one of the most popular scores of ‘90s cinema, with the “Main Title” in particular having become a part of our popular culture the same way as, say, the signature themes from Titanic, Star Wars, and other blockbusters. What makes it even more extraordinary is that the movie’s score emerged from postproduction turmoil as the work of two different composers, Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman. Jones’ work is more of the traditional orchestral soundtrack ilk, Edelman’s has a more contemporary feel, but somehow it all fits, with the closing credit song “I Will Find You” by Clannad an added bonus. Long a bestselling soundtrack CD, we at Real Gone Music are releasing this revered soundtrack on vinyl for the first time in North America in sepia-toned vinyl limited to 1000 copies, inside a brand-new gatefold festooned with production stills. Guaranteed to get your blood stirring!


Record One

Side A
1. Main Title

  1. Elk Hunt
  2. The Kiss
  3. The Glade Part II
  4. Fort Battle

Side B

  1. Promentory
  2. Munro's Office Stockade
  3. Massacre/Canoes

Record Two 

Side A

  1. Top of the World
  2. The Courier
  3. Cora
  4. River Walk and Discovery

Side B

  1. Parlay
  2. The British Arrival
  3. Pieces of a Story
  4. I Will Find You

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