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Troyka CD

$ 11.99

TROYKA: Troyka. CD

  • Troyka's 1970 Self-Titled Release Is One of the Most Unique Albums in the History of Rock 

  • Combines Elements of Hard Rock, Psychedelia, Folk, Traditional Ukrainian Music, Progressive Rock, Funk and Even Polish Spoken-Word Bits--All Delivered with a Sense of Humor 

  • First Legitimate Reissue, Remastered from Original Tapes 

  • Includes Unreleased Bonus Track 

  • Extensive Notes by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things Magazine 

  • Features Additional Photos Supplied by the Band 

One could say that Troyka’s self-titled 1970 Cotillion album came out of left field, but that wouldn’t quite do it justice. It really belongs on its own planet. Though there are strong elements of hard rock and psych that have made it a favorite among collectors, Troyka’s mad concoction also stirs in elements of folk, traditional Ukrainian music, Polish spoken-word bits, prog and even funk. And in spite of the musical aptitude required to achieve such diversification, the Edmonton, Alberta trio manages to do it all with a sense of humor -- including a few double-entendres underscored by horny gruff vocals. It is, quite simply, a singular achievement in the annals of music history that’s unlikely to ever be remotely imitated, let alone duplicated. After a number of shoddy bootlegs, this first-ever legitimate reissue offers remastered sound from the original tapes and detailed liners by Doug Sheppard of Ugly Things magazine, plus pictures and a bonus track supplied by the band. A cult classic extraordinaire, yours from Real Gone Music! 




Early Morning

Life’s O.K.

Burning of the Witch

Rub-A-Dub-Dub Troyka in a Tub

Troyka Lament

Troyka Solo

Rolling Down the Back Road

Berry Picking

Dear Margaret (Malgosia)

Go East Young Man Beautiful Eyes

Troyka Finale

Bonus Track:

The Wedding Song

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