Willie Nelson Things to Remember LP

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  • Willie Nelson Is a Country Music Legend and One of America’s All-Time Greatest Singer-Songwriters

  • But in 1960 When Willie Moved to Nashville with His Wife and Kids, He Was Struggling to Make a Living

  • There He Met Songwriter Hank Cochran, Who Was Signed to Pamper Music, a Publishing Company Owned by Country Star Ray Price, Fiddle Player Hal Smith, and a Baker Named Claude Caviness

  • Cochran Got Willie Signed to Pamper by Pledging Willie Part of His Weekly Draw

  • Willie Repaid His Trust by Buckling Down and Pumping Out Nearly a Song a Day for Pamper

  • Cochran and He Would Then Call a Session with A-List Musicians Who Were in Between Major Label Studio Work

  • The Recordings Willie and These Musicians Made Formed the Basis of Willie’s Career and Changed the Course of Country Music Itself

  • Among the Songs They Tackled Were Some of His Most Famous and Enduring (“Crazy,” “Funny (How Time Slips Away),” “Night Life,” “Pretty Paper,” “Half a Man,” “Hello Walls,” and “Healing Hands of Time”)

  • The Pamper Demos Are the First Recordings of These Legendary Tunes

  • But These Beyond-Historic Sides Have Never Been Carefully and Comprehensively Collected, Instead Turning Up Mostly on Random Budget Packages with Little Documentation

  • Things to Remember—The Pamper Demos Brings Together These 28 Songs for the First Time, Featuring Several Songs That Have Hitherto Eluded Compilation

  • Liner Notes by Grammy-Winning Writer Colin Escott

  • Photos from Bear Family Label Founder Richard Weize’s Personal Collection

  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision for Fidelity Far Superior to Prior Incarnations

  • Available on a 2-LP Set Pressed on Red Vinyl Limited to 1000 Copies

  • Gatefold LP Jacket

  • Also Available on CD

  • The First Blossoming of One of the Truly Singular Talents in American Music

For the series of sessions that laid the foundation for Willie Nelson’s career and thus changed the course of modern country music, these recordings have been treated pretty cavalierly over the years. But first, a little history…Willie Nelson was a struggling songwriter, hungry for work and maybe even just plain hungry, when he moved to Nashville in late 1960 with his wife and kids and met Hank Cochran, who was a writer for Pamper Music. Pamper, which was owned by country star Ray Price, fiddle player Hal Smith, and a baker (!) from Pico Rivera, California named Claude Caviness, was the hottest publishing company in town, thanks to writers like Cochran and Harlan Howard and songs like “Heartaches by the Number” and “I Fall to Pieces.” At first, Willie wasn’t going to sign with Pamper because Hal Smith wouldn’t give Willie the draw he needed, but Cochran told Smith to front Willie fifty bucks a week from his own draw. So Willie, determined to reward Cochran’s trust, got to work. “I was writing to prove I could write,” he said. “To get the money and feel like I was earning it.” He would end most work days with a new song, and then he and Cochran would call a session with A-team musicians who didn’t have major label studio work that day. The result: a body of work that just may well represent the most fertile creative period ever to issue from a country songwriter. The songs Willie recorded for Pamper during the early ‘60s remain among his most famous, and include tunes he still performs to this day: “Crazy,” “Funny (How Time Slips Away),’ “Night Life,” “Pretty Paper,” “Half a Man,” “Hello Walls,” “Healing Hands of Time,” and more. And these, the Pamper demos, are the first recordings of those legendary songs. In other words, this is what artists and label guys back in the day heard when Hal Smith or Hank Cochran handed over a little acetate, and said, “Hey, listen here to what our guy Willie Nelson just come up with.” It simply doesn’t get much more historic than that! But, for some reason, these demos have hitherto turned up in bits and pieces, mostly on budget packages with little documentation or care. Now, finally, these incredibly important recordings are getting the respect they deserve. Things to Remember—The Pamper Demos brings together these 28 performances for the first time (several of which have hitherto eluded compilation), all remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision to sound much better than they ever have, and annotated by Grammy-winning writer Colin Escott, with photos courtesy of Bear Family label founder Richard Weize. Available from Real Gone Music as a CD or a gatefold , red vinyl double-LP limited to 1000 copies, this collection is indispensable for any Willie Nelson fan or any lover of great country music…it’s the first blossoming of one of our greatest songwriters, presented the way work of this stature should be, with great sound and packaging.


1. Where Were You Yesterday
2. More Than One Way to Cry
3. I Just Can’t Let You Say Goodbye 4. A Broken Promise
5. I’m Gonna Lose a Lotta Teardrops 6. Little Things


1. Will You Remember Mine 2. My Own Peculiar Way
3. I Gotta Get Drunk
4. Half a Man

5. You Left a Long Time Ago
6. Undo the Right
7. I’ve Just Destroyed the World


1. Are You Sure
2. Country Willie
3. Three Days
4. You Wouldn’t Cross the Street 5. Pretty Paper
6. Night Life
7. Hello Walls
8. Healing Hands of Time


1. Good Times
2. Funny (How Time Slips Away) 3. Crazy
4. Within Your Crowd
5. Save Your Tears
6. A Moment Isn’t Very Long
7. Things to Remember

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