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Willie Tee I'm Only a Man LP

$ 23.99

Willie Tee I'm Only a Man LP Bundle 1 Test Pressing and 1 copy of the Purple Variant, Limited to 30 Bundles. 1 PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD.

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Even though it came out on a major label, this record sells for hundreds of dollars if you can find it at all (we know…we paid for a copy), and it’s no wonder…it’s the perfect blend of raw R&B passion and smooth, sophisticated soul production. First, the passion part…Willie Tee was a New Orleans pianist and singer best known for recording a series of burnin’ 45s (some cut for Harold Battiste’s short-lived AFO label) during the ‘60s. I’m Only a Man was Willie’s album debut, cut for Capitol in 1970, and he brought the same deep-seated intensity to the record that he did his singles. The difference was, for I’m Only a Man, Willie’s warm, raspy voice was lovingly bathed in spectacular arrangements by H. B. Barnum and produced by the great David Axelrod. Strings, brass, xylophone, bluesy guitar licks, and a funky rhythm section are all percolating inside this record’s grooves, with a daring choice of material that ranges from Cannonball Adderley’s “Walk Tall” to the Bacharach-David nugget “Reach Out for Me” to the self-penned highlights “Mirror” and “Bring On the Heartaches” to the album closer “People” from Funny Girl. Capitol wasn’t known for breaking soul acts at the time, which may explain why this record remains a cult classic; we’re happy to give it the exposure it deserves, with a purple vinyl pressing limited to 1000 copies. First-ever LP reissue!


1. Bring On the Heartaches

2. I’m Only a Man

3. Loneliness

4. Reach Out for Me

5. No Answer Came

6. Walk Tall (Baby, That’s What I Need)


1. Mirror

2. By the Time I Get to Phoenix

3. Take Your Time

4. I’m Related to You

5. People


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