Bob Wills Riding (2CD Set)

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This new 2-CD, 50-track set from Real Gone Music offers folks a chance to own some of the most revered—and rare—recordings in the history of American music. In 1946 and 1947, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys cut nearly 400 full songs for Tiffany Music, Inc., recordings that came to be known as the Tiffany Transcriptions. These recordings were distributed only to radio stations on 16-inch transcription discs, and were intended for airplay as part of a syndicated radio show featuring Wills and the Playboys. However, the transcriptions proved to be a financial failure, and Tiffany Music, Inc. folded by the end of the ‘40s, seemingly relegating the Tiffany Transcriptions to obscurity (and leaving over 200 songs in the can).

 But that was not the end of the story. The Tiffany Transcriptions were unlike anything else in the King of Western Swing’s discography. Typically recorded on a Monday in between tours, they usually consisted of on-the-spot arrangements of everything from Wills hits to western swing standards to sentimental ballads to blues and hot swing instrumentals, and the 16”, 33 1/3 rpm recording format allowed some of the songs to be longer than the normal, three-minute limitation of the 10-inch, 78 rpm commercial records of the day. This meant that Wills and his incredible band—with the great Tommy Duncan on vocals—had a chance to stretch out and have fun with the material. The result: the Tiffany Transcriptions are generally regarded as the best recordings Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys ever made.

 For decades, the Tiffany Transcriptions were more legend than fact. Collectors passed copies of them around on poorly recorded reel-to-reel tapes and, later, cassettes. Finally, in the early ‘80s, Kaleidoscope Records began releasing a series of vinyl volumes of the Tiffany Transcriptions, followed by a CD release on Kaleidoscope and Rhino Records in the ‘90s. To date, however, less than half of the songs recorded by Wills and the Playboys have seen the light of day since the original transcription pressings of the ‘40s.

 Flash forward 60 years. One day, Warner/Rhino tape vault honcho Mike Johnson spies the master tape reels for the Kaleidoscope Records releases on the shelf—but what’s on those 49 other tape reels right next to them?! That’s right—only the biggest discovery in American popular music this millennium, all the missing recordings Wills and his band made for Tiffany, both released and unreleased. Now, Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys: Riding Your Way—The Lost Transcriptions for Tiffany Music, 1946-1947 presents 50 of those long-lost transcription sides—20 of them never released even on transcription disc—inside a package worthy of the material, a 6-panel DVD-style digipak featuring photos and memorabilia from the collection of Kaleidoscope Records co-founder Tom Diamant. The 20-page, DVD-sized booklet includes notes featuring quotes from the original Playboys by Western Swing expert Cary Ginell, plus a foreword from Johnson (who co-produced the set) and a complete discography of the Tiffany recordings. The recordings are mastered by Bob Fisher from recently discovered tapes to preserve their vintage sonic vibrancy while eliminating excess background surface noise. 

To quote from Ginell’s notes: “As the years go by, it has become more than appropriate to compare Bob Wills’ Tiffany Transcriptions with Tiffany & Co., the elegant New York-based jeweler that markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style. These newly released performances only brighten the luster of the Tiffany catalog, which is now acknowledged as being one of the most important single collections in the history of twentieth century music.”


Disc 1

      1.   Put Another Chair At The Table

      2.   Make Room In Your Heart For A Friend

      3.   I Can’t Begin To Tell You

      4.   No Letter Today

      5.   The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along

      6.   Brushy Fork (Instrumental)

      7.   Yellow Rose Of Texas

      8.   Columbus Stockade Blues (Version 1)

      9.   Paradise Isle (Instrumental)

    10.   I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do

    11.   A Year Ago Tonight

    12.   Brown Skin Gal (Instrumental)

    13.   Ride On! (My Prairie Pinto)

    14.   Travelin’ Blues

    15.   Dear Old Southern Home

    16.   Liberty (Instrumental)

    17.   We Might As Well Forget It

    18.   Goodnight Little Sweetheart

    19.   On The Alamo (Instrumental)                                                                                                         

    20.   Too Late                                                                                                                                          

    21.   Sixteen Days In Georgia (Instrumental)

    22.   El Rancho Grande

    23.   Under The Double Eagle (Instrumental)

    24.   It makes No Difference Now

    25.   Ragtime Annie (Instrumental)

Disc 2

      1.   Sally Johnson (Instrumental)

      2.   Silver Dew On The Blue Grass Tonight

      3.   No Wonder (That I Love You)

      4.   I Knew The Moment I Lost You

      5.   I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

      6.   Love Letters In The Sand

      7.   River Stay ’way From My Door

      8.   Soldier’s Joy (Instrumental) (Version 2)

      9.   Have i Stayed Away Too Long

    10.   Margie

    11.   My Wild Irish Rose

    12.   Take Me Back To MY Boots And Saddle

    13.   You Are My Sunshine

    14.   She’s Killing Me

    15.   Detour

    16.   Bubbles In My Beer                                                                                                                        

    17.   Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Age

    18.   Be Honest With me

    19.   Don’t Fence Me In (Take 2)

    20.   I’m An Old Cowhand (Take 2)

    21.   Don’t You Hear Jerusalm Moan (Take 2)

    22.   My Little Buckaroo (Take 3)

    23.   Each Minute Seems Like A Million Years

    24.   She’s Gone

    25.   Still Water Runs The Deepest

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