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Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks 01

$ 34.98

  • Dick’s Picks Is the Legendary Series of Grateful Dead Live Recordings Drawn from the Band’s Own Vaults 

  • Dick’s Picks Vol. 1—Tampa, Florida 12/17/73 Was the First to Be Released in the Series, and Is the Last to Be Reissued by Real Gone Music 

  • Includes the Best-Ever Version of “Here Comes Sunshine” and the Rarely-Performed “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” 

  • One of the Best Shows (and the Last Show) from Arguably the Dead’s Best Year of Touring (1973) 

With this release, we at Real Gone Music conclude our reissue campaign of all 36 volumes of the Dick’s Picks series; we went in reverse order, so we’re ending with the first volume in the series, which you know had to have a special place in compiler Dick Latvala’s heart! And right off the bat you’ll hear why; the version of “Here Comes Sunshine” that leads off disc one is pretty much universally considered the best ever. Throw in a great rendition of the rarely-performed “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” that leads into a stellar 16-minute jam that flirts with a full-fledged “The Other One” but dances spacily away, and a moving “Stella Blue” before the “Around and Around” finale and you have another great night—in fact, the LAST night—from a great year (1973) of touring….and, as such, the perfect way to begin and end the long strange trip that is the Dick’s Picks series. Out of print for years!


 Disc One

1. Here Comes Sunshine

2. Big River

3. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo

4. Weather Report Suite

5. Big Railroad Blues

6. Playing in the Band

Disc Two

1. He’s Gone

2. Truckin’

3. Nobody’s Fault but Mine

4. Jam

5. The Other One

6. Jam

7. Stella Blue

8. Around and Around

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