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Grateful Dead: Dick's Picks 09

$ 47.98

GRATEFUL DEAD: Dick’s Picks Vol. 9—Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 9/16/90 (3-CD Set)

  • Two More Sought-After Volumes from the
 Dick’s Picks Series of Live Dead Shows, Both Out of Print for Years
  • Dick’s Picks Vol. 11 Was the First-Ever Full Concert from 1972 Released by the Grateful Dead
  • Features One of the Great “Dark Star” Performances with a One-Time-Only Segue into “Cumberland Blues”
  • A Perfect Complement to Europe ‘72
  • Dick’s Picks Vol. 9 Features Keyboardists
Vince Welnick and Bruce Hornsby Playing in Only Their Seventh and Second Shows, Respectively
  • The First Dick’s Pick to Feature a Show from the ‘90s
  • Peak Moments Include a Couple of Superb Jams, “Lunatic Preserve” and “No MSG Jam” 

The signs were not exactly auspicious for the tribes trekking to Madison Square Garden for this mid-September 1990 show—less than two months had passed since the death of Brent Mydland, Vince Welnick had taken over keyboard duties earlier in the month, and Bruce Hornsby had joined the band just the night before! But despite all the turmoil and turnover, the band gelled this night to a really remarkable degree, which is a testimony both to the Dead’s musical chops and their indomitable, improvisational spirit. Welnick and Hornsby transform such warhorses as “Little Red Rooster,” “Queen Jane Approximately,” and “Iko Iko” into dazzling keyboard showcases, while the rest of the band—and particularly Phil Lesh, who is just on fire throughout—shines on such tunes as “Tennessee Jed,” “Looks Like Rain” and “Morning Dew.” The jams, including the whimsically titled “No MSG Jam” and “Lunatic Preserve,” are stellar as well—there is a reason this was the first Dick’s Pick to feature a concert from the ‘90s. Out of print for years!


Disc One

Set One

1. Hell in a Bucket

2. Cold Rain and Snow

3. Little Red Rooster

4. Stagger Lee

5. Queen Jane Approximately

6. Tennessee Jed

7. Cassidy

8. Deal

Disc Two

Set Two

1. Samson and Delilah

2. Iko Iko

3. Looks Like Rain

4. He’s Gone

5. No MSG Jam

6. Drums

Disc Three

Set Two (cont.)

1. Space

2. Standing on the Moon

3. Lunatic Preserve

4. I Need a Miracle

5. Morning Dew

6. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

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