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Marvelous 3 Readysexgo 2-LP Set

$ 49.99

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You’d think a guy like Butch Walker (producer/writer for such artists as Pink, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Green Day, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift) wouldn’t be particularly unlucky in love, but on Readysexgo the torture never stops, as Butch recounts one failed affair after another in exquisitely painful detail. All set to Marvelous 3’s never less than hooky power pop/glam metal stylings, often placed in seamless segues from one song to another…Readysexgo is the catchy soundtrack to the love life of a hopeless but somewhat embittered romantic. We worked with the band to create a special Expanded Edition for the album’s first-ever vinyl release at music retail, adding the non-LP side “Fastboat” plus two covers from the album sessions, one of Naked Eyes’ “Always Something There to Remind Me,” and one of Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years,” which ended up in the Jim Carrey flick Me, Myself and Irene. And after looking at the red, white, and blue artwork (faithfully reproduced here on a gatefold album jacket with lyrics), we figured if you blend those all together, you get purple, so purple it is for this 2-LP set!


1. Little Head

2. Grant Park

3. Get Over

4. Sugarbuzz


1. Supernatural Blonde

2. Radio Tokyo

3. Cold as Hell

4. Beautiful



1. I’m Losing You

2. This Time

3. Better Off Alone

4. I Could Change

5. Cigarette Lighter Love Song



1. Radio Commercial/I’m Losing You (“The Credits”)

Bonus Tracks

2. Fastboat

3. Always Something There to Remind Me

4. Reelin’ in the Years

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