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Rod McKuen / Heins Hoffman-Richter Music to Freak LP

$ 21.99


Rod McKuen  / Heins Hoffman-Richter Music to Freak Your Friends Bundle Includes 1 Test Pressing and 1 copy of the Glow in the Dark  Variant and 1 Seaglass with Black Swirl Variant, Limited to 5 Bundles. 1 PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD.

Rod McKuen  / Heins Hoffman-Richter Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease (Limited Glow in the Dark Vinyl Edition)  (WEBSTORE EXCLUSIVE) LP Web Store Exclusive Limited to 100 **Glow in the Dark Vinyl sometimes has more noise than usual, we will not give any refunds on it if your LP is a little noisy**

Rod McKuen  / Heins Hoffman-Richter Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease (Limited Seaglass with Black Swirl Vinyl Edition) LP Regular Version

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Tired of “Monster Mash”? Through with calling “Ghostbusters”? If your Halloween playlist is begging for something different, look no further than the frightfully fun Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease. Don’t believe us? Take The Bride of Frankenstein’s word for it–she’s on the cover! Real Gone Music and Second Disc Records have given a new lease on life to one of the most unusual records of all time. Upon its initial release in 1974, this “Symphony for Tape Delay, IBM Instruction Manual, & Ohm Septet” was credited to “recognized raconteur, genius, composer, musicologist, conductor” Heins Hoffman-Richter, whom the original liner notes blithely inform us, “died from an ear lobe tumor.” It turns out that the late Hoffman-Richter was none other than best-selling poet and all-time cult music hero Rod McKuen…but you won’t find any cats named Sloopy here. Instead, Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease is Rod McKuen’s very own Metal Machine Music. He immersed himself in musique concrète, or music which utilizes recorded sounds as raw material, for the most unusual album in his vast discography. Like Lou Reed’s later experiment in feedback and noise, Freak Your Friends features no songs or traditionally structured compositions…but it just might scare off those candy-hungry kiddies on your doorstep with its Moog-tastic mayhem! Simply put, this wild journey through the electronic underground has to be heard to be believed…and this is its first-ever reissue. It arrives on seaglass with black swirl vinyl limited to 750 copies, in a package that replicates the collectible original release and also includes an insert with new liner notes from The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese. Music to Freak Your Friends and Break Your Lease will indeed act as potent pal and landlord repellent!

A1. 1st Movement: Milkshake
A2. 2nd Movement: This Is My Beloved’s Chamber
B1. 3rd Movement: Gidget Gets in Trouble
B2. 4th Movement: Send Out the Clowns

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