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Serendipity Soundtrack LP

$ 26.99

They were destined by fate to be together…but first, fate wanted to have a little fun. This 2001 film put John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale on a rom-com rollercoaster as they pursue each other through the years and though so, so many excruciating near-misses before they wind up where they started, together at an ice skating rink admiring a pair of cashmere gloves (and each other!). And there for every twist and turn? One of the era’s great film soundtracks, including artists hip and new (Wood, David Gray, John Mayer), hip and not-so-new (Nick Drake, Annie Lennox), and old but still hip (Louis Armstrong). Never before on LP, our release comes with an inner sleeve featuring production stills and a skating rink white vinyl pressing. A great listen for an evening when the attraction is mutual!

Side One

1. Never a Day—Wood
2. Moonlight Kiss—Bap Kennedy
3. January Rain—David Gray
4. Waiting in Vain—Annie Lennox
5. The Distance—evan and jaron
6. Like Lovers Do—Heather Nova

Side Two

1. When You Know—Shawn Colvin
2. Northern Sky—Nick Drake
3. Cool Yule—Louis Armstrong
4. This Year—Chantal Kreviazuk
5. (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me—Brian Whitman
6. 83—John Mayer
7. Fast Forward—Alan Silvestri

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