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Smash Mouth Fush Yu Mang LP

$ 21.99

San Jose-based ska pop-punkers Smash Mouth went double platinum with their 1997 debut record Fush Yu Mang (the title came from Al Pacino slurring “F*** you, man” in the film Scarface) on the strength of their huge hit “Walkin’ on the Sun.” But the rest of the album is pretty rad ‘n’ rockin’, full of classic rock winks ‘n’ nods culminating in their skankin’ cover of War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” And who hasn’t looked at a crowded bar through a pair of Beer Goggles? We’re giving this one a widespread LP release for the first time to commemorate the passing of vocalist Steve Harwell after a long illness…strawberry with black swirl vinyl, complete with inner sleeve featuring lyrics.

A1. Flo
A2. Beer Goggles
A3. Walkin’ on the Sun
A4. Let’s Rock
A5. Heave-Ho
A6. The Fonz
B1. Pet Names
B2. Padrino
B3. Nervous in the Alley
B4. Disconnect the Dots
B5. Push
B6. Why Can’t We Be Friends

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