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Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme The Original Hits CD

$ 13.99

Add up the years that Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme spent actively recording and between them you end up at a figure over 110. So how do you boil all that down to a single CD? Well, at Real Gone Music, we know that sometimes you just gotta have the hits. So, that’s what we’ve done with this 20-track CD; packed it to the gills with their hit-making highlights both solo and together. The result: the single most concentrated dose of Steve and Eydie hit power ever assembled into a single collection! One thing will become very, very certain as you listen to The Original Hits: no matter what the genre, be it pop, Latin, rock and roll or The Great American Songbook, this dynamic duo—who, by the way, were recently the subject of a wonderful TV special from TJ Lubinsky's My Music series on Public Television —display their vocal mastery. Includes such gems as Steve’s “Party Doll,” “Go Away, Little Girl,” “Footsteps,” and “Portrait of My Love,” Eydie’s “You Need Hands,” “Sabor A Mi,” “Blame It on the Bossa Nova,” and “Tonight I’ll Say a Prayer,” and their duets “I Want to Stay Here,” “I Can’t Stop Talking About You,” and “We Can Make It Together” with The Osmonds. Assembled, like our other Steve and Eydie releases, with the assistance of their son David Lawrence, The Original Hits features rare photos and liner notes by Billboard writer Paul Grein. Consider this the tasty appetizer before the multi-course meal we are preparing to serve from the Steve and Eydie catalog in the months to come!


1. Too Close for Comfort – Eydie Gorme
2. Party Doll – Steve Lawrence
3. Love Me Forever – Eydie Gorme
4. Pretty Blue Eyes – Steve Lawrence
5. You Need Hands – Eydie Gorme
6. Footsteps – Steve Lawrence
7. Blame It On The Bossa Nova - Eydie Gorme
8. Portrait Of My Love – 
Steve Lawrence
9. I Want To Stay Here - Steve Lawrence 
& Eydie Gorme
10. Go Away Little Girl - Steve Lawrence
11. Don’t Try To Fight It Baby – Eydie Gorme
12. Don’t Be Afraid Little Darlin’ - 
Steve Lawrence
13. I Can’t Stop Talking About You - 
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
14. I Want You To Meet My Baby – Eydie Gorme
15. Poor Little Rich Girl – Steve Lawrence
16. Sabor A Mi – Eydie Gorme
17. Walking Proud – Steve Lawrence
18. Tonight I’ll Say A Prayer – 
Eydie Gorme
19. The Drifter – Steve Lawrence

20. We Can Make It Together – Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme featuring The Osmonds

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