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The Flamingos Flamingo Serenade LP

$ 23.99

This 1959 album doesn't just include the greatest doo wop single of all time, 'I Only Have Eyes for You;' it also stakes a fair claim to being the greatest doo wop ALBUM of all time. Flamingo Serenade brought End label producer George Goldner's concept of having an R&B vocal group sing pop standards to its true apotheosis, as The Flamingos' rich and intricate vocal harmonies lent ethereal textures to such chestnuts as 'Begin the Beguine' and 'Love Walked In.' And, of course, there's 'I Only Have Eyes for You,' one of the most mysterious and existential recordings ever committed to wax! The Flamingos recorded Flamingo Serenade in true stereo, and that's the version we are bringing you in powder blue vinyl to match the tuxedos the group is wearing on the front cover. One of those rare albums that appeals to every generation.


Side A

1. Love Walked In
2. Music Maestro Please
3. Begin the Beguine
4. The Breeze and I
5. Time Was
6. Goodnight Sweetheart

Side B

1. I Only Have Eyes for You
2. I’m in the Mood for Love
3. As Time Goes By
4. Where or When
5. Yours
6. But Not for Me

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