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American Beauty Motion Picture Score LP

$ 29.99

With 14 Academy Award nominations, seven Grammy awards, and an Emmy to his credit, Thomas Newman has a track record second to none among modern screen composers (and even among his family, which is saying a lot considering he is son to Alfred, brother to David, and cousin to Randy Newman)! But among all his Academy Award-nominated scores—to classics like The Shawshank Redemption, Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Saving Mr. Banks, and The Road to Perdition—his score to the 1999 Academy Award-winning Best Picture American Beauty (the first of his many collaborations with director Sam Mendes) remains his most distinctive. That’s because Newman made the bold choice of composing a score almost entirely with percussion instruments, brilliantly intuiting that the lack of melodic resolution in the film’s themes would echo and amplify what he termed the “moral ambiguity” of the script. The result was a haunting and wholly original film score that is instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen the picture. Real Gone Music is very, very proud to present this work of genius on blood red rose vinyl to match the original album art (here used for the first time on a vinyl release) and the film’s shattering conclusion!

A1. Dead Already
A2. Arose
A3. Power of Denial
A4. Lunch w/ the King
A5. Mental Boy
A6. Mr. Smarty-Man
A7. Root Beer
A8. American Beauty
A9. Bloodless Freak
A10. Choking the Bishop
B1. Weirdest Home Videos
B2. Structure & Discipline
B3. Spartanette
B4. Angela Undress
B5. Marine
B6. Walk Home
B7. Blood Red
B8. Any Other Name
B9. Still Dead

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