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Freddie King (2CD Set)

$ 19.98

FREDDIE KING: The Complete King/Federal Singles (2-CD Set)

  • First-Ever Compilation Devoted to Freddie King's King-Federal Singles, the Recordings That Made Him a Star 

  • 54 Tracks, 155 Minutes 

  • Includes Such Hits as "Hideaway," "Lonesome Whistle Blues," "San-Ho-Zay!" and "I'm Tore Down" 

  • Liner Notes by Freddie King Expert Bill Dahl 

  • Added Photos 

  • Pristine Remastering by Jürgen Crasser 

  • The Texas Cannonball Was a Huge Influence on Such British Guitar Gods as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Peter Green & Mick Taylor 

Rolling Stone ranked him the #15 greatest guitarist of all time. His sharp treble tone, hooky melodic licks and innovative fingerpicking style—using metal banjo picks on electric guitar—were a profound influence on such British guitar gods as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Peter Green and Mick Taylor. And his live performances were so incendiary, so unstoppable—and his build so imposing—that he was nicknamed “The Texas Cannonball.” Yet to date, no collection has focused on the original single sides Freddy King cut for the King and Federal labels in the ‘60s, the blistering tracks that made his reputation and continue to be the centerpiece of his recorded legacy. Now, Real Gone Music has rounded up all 54 of those original single sides and carefully packed them on to two CDs for about 155 minutes of pure blues guitar heat, featuring such hits as “Hideaway,” “Lonesome Whistle Blues,” “San-Ho-Zay!” and “I’m Tore Down.” Notes by Freddie King expert Bill Dahl, photos and pristine mastering by Jurgen Crasser complete as concentrated a dose of blues guitar greatness as you will ever find.


Disc One

1.   You’ve Got to Love Her with a  Feeling

2.   Have You Ever Loved a Woman

3.   Hideaway

4.   I Love the Woman

5.   Lonesome Whistle Blues

6.   It’s Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough

7.   San-Ho-Zay!

8.   See See Baby

9.   I’m Tore Down

10. Sen-Sa-Shun

11. Christmas Tears

12. I Hear Jingle Bells

13. If You Believe (in What You Do)

14. Heads Up

15. Takin’ Care of Business

16. The Stumble

17. Side Tracked

18. Sittin’ on the Boat Dock

19. Do the President Twist

20. What About Love

21. Texas Oil

22. Come On

23. Just Pickin’

24. (Let Your Love) Watch over Me

25. You Can’t Hide

26. In the Open

27. I’m on My Way to Atlanta

Disc Two

1.   It’s Easy, Child

2.   The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist

3.   Look, Ma, I’m Cryin’

4.   (I’d Love to) Make Love to You

5.   One Hundred Years

6.   (The Welfare) Turns Its Back on You

7.   You’re Barkin’ Up the Wrong Tree

8.   Surf Monkey

9.   Monkey Donkey

10. Meet Me at the Station

11. King-A-Ling

12. Driving Sideways

13. Someday, After Awhile (You’ll Be Sorry)

14. She Put the Whammy on Me

15. High Rise

16. Now I’ve Got a Woman

17. Onion Rings

18. Some Other Day, Some Other Time

19. Manhole

20. If You Have It

21. I Love You More Everyday

22. Full Time Love

23. She’s The One

24. Use What You’ve Got

25. Double Eyed Whammy

26. You’ve Got Me Licked

27. Girl from Kookamunga

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