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Gordon Anderson Moon Man CD

$ 10.98

What does a guy who’s put out over 3000 reissues in his career, everything from easy listening to hardcore punk, do when he finally gets to make his own record? Well, first he plugs in his Fender Telecaster into his Hot Rod Deluxe and turns it up…way up. Then he blasts out 14 tunes in which similarly obsessed pop music archivists might hear traces of Neil Young, Television, the Byrds, Joy Division, and Pavement. At least those are some of the acts that artist Gordon Anderson had in mind when he recorded Moon Man (the nickname given him at summer camp in New Hampshire many “moons” ago). Anderson has helmed two of the most prolific and wide-ranging reissue labels, Collectors’ Choice Music and Real Gone Music, during his long career in the music industry. But unbeknownst to even some of his closest colleagues, during his time busily building up the catalogs of those imprints, he was constantly writing songs and honing his guitar technique. He even led a band, though virtually no one knew it, because they never played out, partly due to irreconcilable band members’ schedules and partly, frankly, due to Anderson’s chickenxxxxedness. But the death of his band’s long-time drummer led him to resolve to preserve his material for posterity. Hence, the rising of Moon Man.

Featuring co-production and musical contributions from Kathryn Korniloff (Two Nice Girls), Moon Man tackles drugs, drink, death, dogs, daughters, depression, and, yes, disease with mordant wit and manifest melancholy. Yet, there is an innocence and longing for connection and spirituality that prevents Moon Man from lingering too long on its dark side. Fans of hooks, harmonies, and raga-inflected guitar solos will find much to explore here (Anderson will also be releasing an earlier album, The Poppies, to digital on the same street date). Tying deeply personal lyrics to universal themes, Moon Man defies gravity and provides good company for when the world “craters” around us.


1. Record Club
2. Funemployment
3. In Turnaround
4. Pill Mill
5. Pillar of Flame
6. Palm Reader
7. The Fall of Song
8. Pinpricks
9. Glazed Antique
10. Shotgun Wedding
11. Siren Song
12. Rose Parade
13. Drumroll Please
14. Already Gone

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