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The Quick Mondo Deco (Expanded Edition) CD

$ 13.98

The Quick: Mondo Deco (Expanded Edition) CD


The Quick Were L.A.’s Missing Link Between Glam and Punk Intricate Guitar Harmonies, Heavy Guitar Solos, Sophisticated/Sardonic Lyrics and Hooky Melodies Courtesy of Band Songwriter Steven Hufsteter Had Them Poised to Break Out Nationally

Like The Runaways, They Were Brought to the Mercury Label by Kim Fowley

But the Band’s Resistance to Fowley’s Demands for “More Boogie” Resulted in Fowley Dumping the Band, Thus Ensuring Their Debut Record Mondo Deco Got No Promotion

The Band Continued, Attracting the Attention of Such Punk Pioneers as The Damned and John Lydon, but Band Infighting, Label Indifference, and Punk Puritanism Did Them In

Mondo Deco Has Since Become a Cult Classic

Engineered by Earle Mankey of Sparks, Who Was a Huge Influence Real Gone Music’s Expanded Edition Features the CD Debut ofMondo Deco and 10 Album Demos

Also Includes an Unreleased Outtake of “Anybody”

Liner Notes by The Quick’s Danny Benair (Later of The Salvation Army and The Three O’Clock) and Quick Fan Club President Lisa Fancher, Who Went On to Form Frontier Records

Rare Photos from Archives of The Quick and Lisa Fancher Remastered by Bill Inglot

The Quick Were the Right Band at the Wrong Time...Now Their Time Has Come

The Quick were the crucial link between the
glam and punk eras in Los Angeles. Like The
Runaways, they were brought to the Mercury
label by local impresario Kim Fowley, but
The Quick proved much less pliant than their
distaff peers, resisting Fowley’s demands for
“more boogie” on their 1976 debut album
and instead pursuing a power pop sound
influenced by Sparks (ex-Sparks guitarist
Earle Mankey engineered). The Quick’s
intricate harmonies, heavy guitar solos,
sophisticated/sardonic lyrics and hooky
melodies (both courtesy of songwriter
Steven Hufsteter) deserved a much wider audience than they got;
but Fowley, enraged by the band’s defiance of his vision, pulled the plug on all promotional support and Mondo Deco sank without a trace commercially. But the band (and their rabid following) were undeterred; after ceremoniously setting their Mercury contract on fire in front of the label offices, there were soon opening for The Damned with such luminaries as Johnny Rotten attending their shows. But, alas, The Quick could not navigate the shift in trends, undercut by band infighting, record label indifference, and punk rock Puritanism. Now, over 40 years later, we at Real Gone Music are very proud to present, for the first time ever on CD, Mondo Deco in an expanded edition that features the original album remastered by Bill Inglot,
plus ten demos produced for the album, and an unreleased outtake. Quick fan club president (and future Frontier Records owner) Lisa Fancher writes the liner notes, while Quick drummer (and future Salvation Army/Three O’Clock member) Danny Benair contributes track-by-track commentary (with photos from Fancher and Benair’s private archives as well). As Fancher puts it in the notes, The Quick were the right band, it was just the wrong time. Now their time has come.


  1. It Won’t Be Long
  2. No No Girl
  3. Playtime
  4. Hillary
  5. Anybody
  6. Hi Lo
  7. Rag Doll
  8. Last In Line
  9. My Purgatory Years
  10. Don’t You Want It


  1. No No Girl
  2. Teacher’s Pet
  3. Hi-Lo
  4. Hillary
  5. Rag Doll
  6. My Purgatory Years
  7. It Won’t Be Long
  8. Heaven On Earth
  9. Born Free
  10. Don’t You Want It


  1. Anybody (Outtake)

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